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What Is Mobile First?

As of March 2018, Google started slowly implementing their “Mobile First” algorithm into it’s search engines.

"In a nutshell, Google Search now prefers and now craws the web looking for sites that load faster & perform better across mobile, tablet & desktop devices."

This change in Googles algorithm is causing sites to lose search rank if they are not build to benefit the Mobile First Indexing algorithm. It is a change that makes it imperative for website owners to have the best performing sites on ALL devices.

Google's switch to prioritizing mobile-first sites and give them higher ranks in the their search index should be a cause of concern for all website owners. Our Mobile-First Site Builder creates responsive and adaptive sites that are lightning fast.

Mobile-First is also designing for the smallest screens first, and then working your way up. In doing so it empowers website designers to focus on the core functions, this in turn helps improve website search ranks in Google Search. Once designed for mobile a developer can opt to include additional elements for desktop displays if needed.

This is because when you start with desktop-first, you design very broadly and add many features. Then you have to check later which function or element is really important for viewing on a mobile device. When you start with mobile-first you first start thinking about the most important features, which you can then also give more attention on desktop.

Our Revolutionary, MobiFirst Site-Builder Makes It Easy To Create The Best Performing Mobile Websites On The Internet That Google Absolutely Loves!

MobiFirst Is Secure

MobiFirst is our closed source cloud-based website builder platform, making it virtually impenetrable to security threats unlike WP which is open source, needs constant updates, heightened security measures, and is still vulnerable to threats.

MobiFirst offers complete design flexibility and includes pre-made site templates that you can customize to fit any site need, or you can start from scratch. CSS editing is also available for those farmiliar with CSS.

Build an unlimited number of websites and never worry about having to install updates.

MobiFirst is an intuitive widget-based website builder. Simply choose the widget that fits your content need and add your content. It is the equivalent of WordPress plugin without the headaches of compatibility – and it all works seamlessly.

MobiFirst Features

The improvment to website loading speeds of MobiFirst built websites is undeniable. The advantage in Google search is shocking with MobiFirst built sites. You will get a dramatic improvement in website load times.

MobiFirst speeds up the editing process. Unlike other builders where you have to save changes, check them, then go back & re-edit, re-save, and re-check over & over & over until you see what you like. MobiFirst lets you clone sites, webpages, and even parts of pages so you can look at and compare each edit side-by-side. You can even see what your website will look like on a phone, tablet, and desktop in the all in ONE editing preview which is built right into the platform.

Rebrandable White Label Plans Available

Our most resent platform release is our Website and Ecommerce Store Platform.

Plans are available for website builders, business owners and entrepreneurs looking to be their own brand with white white label licensing.

MobiFirst Offers: Commercial AND White Label

Commercial Plan: This plan allows you to create multiple websites, perfect for individuals, business owners and agencies that manage their clients websites.

White Label: Our white label plan allows entrepreneurs to be their own ISP (Web Service Provider.) This is a powerful plan that allows your visitors, or leads to sign-ups for their own plans and build their own websites and ecommerce stores in their own accounts. Our ecommerce platform offers an affiliate product referral tracking system and a support ticket system. A white label plan allows you to create your own plans with different features and then price them however you like, keeping all the profits for yourself. Totally re-brandable under your own name. Use your own logo and your own domain. Our branding is totally removed within the White Label Plan.

You can rebrand it with your own business name, logo and domain. Generate reoccurring income with the MobiFirst White Label Plan.

Not Just Responsive, It's Adaptive! Plus Software Switch's Enable/Disable Elements on Mobile/Desktop

Proprietary ability to determine what is viewed on each device

You decide exactly which content you want to show on mobile, tablet & desktop. MobiFirst AUTOMATICALLY detects the device & shows the desired content!


Equipped with E Commerce Capabilities No Product limit or Bandwidth limit! Enable the E Commerce widget & enjoy selling products directly from from your MobiFirst built website. No Product limits, no bandwidth limits, instantly integrates with payment processors like PayPal & Stripe for direct payments. Record sales, invoices, get email notifications, and more!

Style Section

Completely customise the style of your site from backgrounds, headers, footers, fonts, to custom CSS, and more. Or, if you want a completely different look, you can even switch between entire site themes without losing work already done!

Theme Gallery

MobiFirst comes equipped with site themes to select from, ranging across dozens of different niches. Every theme is 100% customizable to your liking. Plus new themes are always being added and a template club is in the works so that you can sell your own website templates within the MobiFirst Marketplace.

Abundant Widget Selection

MobiFirst uses the modular concept of widgets which makes customizing the widget to fit your desired design a simple process. New widgets are constantly being launched by our team of developers and designers Your options for site design & functionality are endless. Think of a new element you would want to see available. Let us know, we are always open to new ideas to make your site look and function just the way you want it.

Clone Widgets

You can duplicate content, clone your design & duplicate your website with a click of a button. Let’s say you create a section on a site that you know you will want to use again. Simply save and clone the widget. It will always be available for you to use!

Clone Websites

You can even clone entire sites and make them new new templates to select from when you start future projects. This allows you to create new websites from previous sites that you previously created! This makes it extremely fast to create new sites in the future.

Regular Platform Updates

Our team is always coming up with new ideas and features. We are constantly updating our platform to make designing & building sites fun and easy. Have ideas on how MobiFirst can work better? Let us know!

Multiple Languages

Build sites in entirely different languages! Currently in English, French, Italian & German with more languages on the way.


Every page is equipped with full SEO capabilities. Hide pages from search engines if you want, with a simple software toggle switch within the page builder. Add titles & descriptions for META SEO and Open Graph (for social media).


With one click you can insert a customizable & full-fledged blog to any page!