Our Upcoming Food Ordering Platform Will Be Launching In 2023

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Build Food Ordering Websites And Apps

With MobiFirst you can build your own food ordering app or start your own app business

Our food ordering templates allow you start creating your app or website with one click, then customize the pages with menu items that you or your food establishment clients sell

The Future of food ordering

Traditional food delivery apps are too much work to create and operate, often they also consume a lot of space on the device which puts off the user from downloading that app in the first place plus there is a cost to add that app to the app store if it's even approved for placement. Developing a PWA for food delivery apps removes all these barriers and makes it easier to download the website by add to home screen option. Making PWA convenient to use, lightweight and works fine on slow speed internet making PWA a perfect on-demand food delivery app.



Menu QR Code

Grow Business And Gain Regulars

Shop owners using our system and expect increased sales and new customers

Independent shops deserve the tools that big chains thrive on. Our online ordering and automated marketing helps increase your profits by creating more loyal customers and saving you time.


Food Ordering Platform

Incredible Benefits For Agencies and Local Businesses

With MobiFirst local food establishments get their own custom app icon right on their customers smartphones phone screen

With MobiFirst digital agencies get the tools they need for success in the food ordering market. Local food establishments benefit with their own PWA app and custom app icon right on their customers smartphones home screen


These Are Just A Few The Features and (Widgets) That Can Be Incorporate Into Your Apps

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MobiFirst food ordering platform with QR code generator.

Mobile First Speed

Breakthrough technology that loads webpages and mobile apps super-fast

Top Feature!

Our app and site builder creates websites and apps that load superfast. These types of pages are also preferred by Google Search Bot which mains pages that you design and choose to have indexed will have better page rank in search engines.

Templates for food ordering restaurant apps.

Food Ordering Templates

App and site designs for any business type available in the template gallery

Build Apps In 1 Click With Templates

These templates are built for Mobile First Indexing. The fastest loading sites and web apps.

PWA apps do not require app store access and include one tap save to home screen.

No App Store Hassle

Eliminates app store fees and app approval hassles

By-Passes App Stores

Progressive Web App technology eliminates the fees and approval process required with app stores. Plus these apps can install on both mobile devices as well as in the Windows desktop start menu.

Easy to save PWA apps to home mobile phone screen.

Save To Home Screen

User install is quick and simple via QR Code or a simple click of a link

One Click App Install

Users simply scan a QR Code, or click a web link to install your app on either mobile home screens and/or Windows start menus. Users can also use the save to home screen within the web browser but custom icon will indicate that that this is a web link shortcut. .

Push notification dashboard included in the food ordering platform.

Push Messaging

Keep in touch and send promotional messages to users

Top Feature!

Send instant or pre-schedule holiday promotional messages. Alert them of specials, events, or service reminders even when their app is closed. Use geo financing to target by location!

Loyalty and coupon digital website widgets.

Loyalty & Coupons

Retain customers with loyalty and coupon features

Entice Customers

The loyalty feature allows users to have an in-app version of a traditional stamp card. Your customers will love your loyalty card which will drive increased user engagement for your business.

Geo location

Geo Location

Display relevant information in users area, or simply show their location on the map

Targeted Marketing

Geo location can be combined with your marketing to target ads to prospects and clients within a certain area. Imagine pushing ads to your prospects and existing customers when they happen to be nearby!

Geo fencing for digital marketing.

Geo Fencing

Display relevant information on your users smartphone dependent on their location

Targeted Marketing

Geofencing helps developers setup virtual boundaries in real life. Then a user steps inside this boundary, the app can trigger phone actions. When combined with push notification, geo-fencing provides an excellent way to reach and engage with users

QR Code generation for creating food menus for your app.

QR Codes

QR Code generator is included! Create your own site and app QR Codes


Integrate QR codes into the web apps that you create. Perfect for restaurant menus, digital business cards and coupons.

On app payments

Payment Integration

Integration With Multiple Payment Processors.

Connect With Stripe PayPal and Others

You can even get paid prior to booked appointments or accept a deposit for appointments right though the apps integrated payment gateway. Eliminates getting burned by no shows.


 Push Notifications are disabled